Many forms of light pollution exist today; there are however many things we do to help the situation.

Light pollution is in fact a very serious problem and unless you live a large distance away from civilisation, it is something you must contend with. In order to be fully aware of the effects of this increasing problem, you must be situated almost 100 miles away from any city. Many parts of the country won’t in fact allow you do this, unless you venture into the ocean.


The effect of glare comes in the shape of a light striking your eye, directly from the source. When this happens, the contrast between objects is reduced, which in turn alters your vision dramatically.

This is especially dangerous for motorists and pedestrians. Often signs and cars will appear difficult to view, this is because various lights cause the eyes to become overwhelmed. Glare can become both discomforting and disabling and at night is when it is worse.

Purchasing lights such as dark-sky friendly fixtures is certainly one way to reduce the effect of glare. Another option is to aim adjustable lights downwards, so that they are level with horizon.


Spillover comes in the shape of the light that extends over the targeted object, such as light trespass.

Many waste money on unnecessary forms of light, such as light that is displayed well over the intended area. This could be light shining into someone else’s window, onto someone else’s property or alternatively vast roadway light.

Clip on visors are a great investment, as such a tool will enable individuals to contain floodlights. Lessening the light outputs on certain fixtures will also make a dramatic difference.


Skyglow comes in the form of a garish hue often seen in the distance. Artificial light scattering into the atmosphere causes this particular effect. The end result is a pallid looking sky, where the reflected light masks the background.

In order to solve this problem, those that use a lot of light should refrain from aiming it directly into the sky. Some of us are no longer able to see any of the once apparent sky wonders, such as the Milky Way Galaxy.

Purchasing fully shielded fixtures and lighting visors will help us to overcome such an issue and such visors can in fact be installed over existing lights.

For example, a simple procedure comes in the shape of aiming billboard lights downwards as appose to upwards.